W M C Moments



Magicians, Mindreaders, Mystic Performers and Consultants from around the world have agreed to share their wisdom in what we are calling ‘W M C Moments’.

These will be short videos on topics that each contributor considers important or relevant to their magic, these will be shown between the main lectures.  Here is the current list of contributors, keep coming back to see who has been added.


Dorothy Deitrich

Dorothy Deitrich (USA)

Michael Likey

Dr Michael Likey (Canada)

Helen Coghlan

Helen Coghlan (Australia)

Mark Williams

Mark Williams (USA)

Tommy Burnett (USA)

Phill Cass

Phil Cass (Australia)

Shawn Farqhaur

Shawn Farqhaur (Canada)

Alan Fisher

Alan Fisher (USA)

Joel Howlett

Joel Howlett (Australia)

Adam Mada

Adam Mada (Australia)