Ashley Green Workshop

Ashley Green

Tricks That Get You Gigs


Free for Convention Ticket Holders, £10 UK for this Workshop only.



In this 1 hour lecture, Ashley Green will teach you a selection of his favourite go to effects. But…

… this isn’t a magic lecture…

Yes, you’ll be learning a few magic tricks…

… but each effect you’ll be learning is not only designed to blow the socks off your audience, but these effects have a sneaky hidden agenda.

They generate leads that turn into paid bookings.

That’s right, these simple magic tricks help you book paid gigs!

After watching this lecture you’ll have a small but deadly selection of effects that will help you book more gigs so you can make more money from what you love!

About Ashley Green

Ashley is the founder of The Gig Hero (formerly The Successful Mentalist).

Over the past few years he’s helped entertainers of all kinds in over 130 countries worldwide! Some of his private clients have gone one to book gigs over £1000, have regular TV appearances, and have quit the boring day job to pursue a full time entertainment career

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