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Anthony Darkstone is President of The S.A.M.International Assembly & an International Deputy for The Society of American Magicians for well over two decades. He is an AIMC with Silver Star Member of The Magic Circle, Merlin Winner at The IBM, two Presidential citations, Full Professor at The Camelard College of Conjuring of Chemmis and is one of the very few people who, “in recognition of Outstanding Service to the Magical Arts” to be Awarded the coveted Beneficus Ars Magia.

He has an International reputation as a Performer, Producer, Act Director, Writer & Talk Show Host. He was an Emcee, Judge, Talk Show Host & Producer at The Society of American Magicians, Texas Association of Magicians, Magic At The Red Sea, The IBM British Ring & other Conventions. His articles and other written work have been featured in several magic journals in several countries including Magic, M U M, Abra, The Linking Ring, Alan Watson’s E-zine and Las Vegas Magic Tips. He is also The Producer & Host of ‘The Darkstone Dossiers’.

He has been in the business for several decades & was featured on the cover of M U M. He has performed and lectured in Cape Verde, Brazil, Israel,  several countries in Europe, Singapore, England, Scotland, Canada and the US including at Boomers in Las Vegas. He has several decades of empirical experience in Consumer Psychology, Behavioural Sciences and Audience Psychology.  Although he has made quite a reputation Internationally as a Magician of The Mind, he is recognized as a Consultant and Mentor in various aspects of The Art.

He performs as three characters Darkstone, Silverado & Zadok Keeper of The Seal of The Ancient Magi.




Behind The Curtain – The Anthony Darkstone Mini Workshop On Performance & Presentation

The mini workshop will be conducted in an informal, interactive & friendly environment. Its primary objective is to stimulate thinking. Ergo, to provide a framework consisting of ideas, tips and practical suggestions on how to be a better Magical Entertainer.

Topics covered include:
Performance & Presentation-Techniques Stage, Parlour, Close up, Table & Walk Around
Television Performing Techniques
Pre-performance Preparation
Creating and Developing a Performance Persona
Kinesics & other non verbal Techniques
Stagecraft, Theatrical & Drama Techniques
Make up
Performance Wardrobe & Maintaining a Magical Image
Emergency Prop construction
The Invisible Links Between The Esoteric, Mysticism & Magical Entertainment
The Usage of Music to Enhance Effects
Music as Misdirection
Audience Psychology & Creating Audience Rapport
Volunteer Selection Techniques
Fundamentals of Stagecraft including Lighting, Sound, Audio visual etc.
Competitions and Contests Tips
Essentials of Promotion & Techniques for Increasing Bookings. Included in this section are practical hints on writing Press Releases, Publicity, etc.
Overview of the differences between European, Asian and US Magic.
Q & A session in a Talk Show Style format With Kevin Peel

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